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Terms of service

This site operates in compliance with the following terms. Please be sure to read the following conditions before using. By using this site, it is considered that you have agreed to the “Terms of Service”. Thank you for your understanding.

A simple manual for those in a hurry

All sound sources are available for free. Free purpose of use, corporate use OK, no permission or report required. When using the sound source, we ask that you display the copyright and do not cause any inconvenience to the administrator or other users.

●Purpose and request of site management

This site is operated and maintained by revenue from advertising revenue and sound source sales. But as you can see, this site is not famous, has few visitors, and does not have excellent sound sources (sweat), so there is almost no monetization. . If there are people who would like to contribute to the maintenance of the site operation and the janitor’s playfulness, we would appreciate your support.

1. Support with an Amazon gift certificate (email type)
Please enter “stardustbgm@gmail.com” in the recipient’s email.
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2. Support with Amazon Wish List
If there is this, the manager’s motivation switch is listed.
Wish list here (under construction)

3. Support with original sound source production
1 sound source 5,500 yen (copyright is for those who support)
Click here for details (under construction)

4. Support with paid use of sound sources
1 sound source 1,500 yen *Copyright on this site/no copyright required
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5. Support with Bitcoin
We also accept support using Bitcoin.
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Free for use, personal and commercial

The sound source of this site can be used free of charge regardless of usage, individual, corporate, or commercial use. There is no need for troublesome membership registration or permission to use. Processing of the sound source is permitted.

✔ Music distribution
Live, in-store, company, facility, hotel, event, etc.

✔ Video production
TV, YouTube videos, Nico Nico videos, TikTok, PV, adults, etc.

✔ Other
Websites, games, apps, radio, etc.


Please display the author

As a condition that you can use it for free, please use credit notation (copyright notice). The location of the notation does not matter, such as on the website or in the work.

(case)Music by STAR DUST BGM

✔ No credit is required in the following cases
・ Listen as BGM at work or individually.
・ The content tree of Nikoni Commons is registered.(detail

✔ When credit notation is difficult
If credit notation is difficult, please consider paid audiostock.

List of sound sources sold by STAR DUST BGM


Copyright / Prohibitions

Although it is said to be copyright-free on the site, it does not mean that you can do anything. All rights to the sound source are held by STAR DUST BGM.

✔ Prohibited matters
・ Secondary distribution, reprinting, and sales of sound sources
・ Registration of YouTube Content ID
・ Application / registration to JASRAC, etc.
・ Acts that cause disadvantage or damage to this site

 Direct link

Please refrain from using the sound source with a direct link because it will put a burden on the server. Please be sure to download it from the site and use it.


* If you see a malicious violation, we will claim compensation or usage fee without notice.
* This site does not take any responsibility even if trouble occurs by using this site.
* Terms of use and article content may be revised without notice.


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